Lời như đồn

Easy A – Một bộ phim hài dành cho tuổi teen mà ta thấy cực kỳ phù hợp cho những nhà đạo đức học. Xem phim mà cười sằng sặc vì thấy Lời đồn đúng là Lời như Đồn. Điểm nhấn của bộ phim là phụ huynh của nhân vật chính, nghe con gái thú nhận toàn chuyện “tày trời” mà từ đầu đến cuối phim không một lời phán xét, chỉ lắng nghe và đồng hành cùng con.


After watching this movie many years ago, I have enjoyed the rains instead of running away from them.

“Freedom is not just a dream. It’s there, on the other side of those fences we build all by ourselves.”

The ultimate truth

“You open the door to the first step towards the ultimate truth by facing your own fears.

After you step through this door, you will find yourself in unfamiliar territory. It may even feel fearful, awkward, uncomfortable, or a sense of hatred…

Keep digging. Keep exploring. Be mindfully curious. You will see the light…”


A travel agency poster in The trueman show movie


It’s too easy to have someone to talk to.

It’s too hard to have someone who doesn’t need to say anything when you are together.

3 IronA must-watch movie. I don’t like the ending but it’s still worth watching.

Wong Kar Wai’s works

– I was a big fan of In the mood for love and 2046 before. But now I’m not, my view of life changed, but I still like the beautiful appearances of the actors and the cinematography in those movies. I mean I don’t like the stories anymore.

– What is your view of life now? You mean less romantic?

– It’s not about romantic. It’s about the truth, most of the characters didn’t live with their true feeling.

– True.. matches also a time and culture. But yeah a lot about not being true to yourself or stuck without being able to express it.

– When I was in Angkor Wat, I even found the hole on a wall which was appeared in the last scene of In the mood for love.

– Did you tell a secret to the stones?

– I didn’t have any secret at that time.

– Now you have more? 😀

– Even less 😀

– Sounds so pure.