Wong Kar Wai’s works

– I was a big fan of In the mood for love and 2046 before. But now I’m not, my view of life changed, but I still like the beautiful appearances of the actors and the cinematography in those movies. I mean I don’t like the stories anymore.

– What is your view of life now? You mean less romantic?

– It’s not about romantic. It’s about the truth, most of the characters didn’t live with their true feeling.

– True.. matches also a time and culture. But yeah a lot about not being true to yourself or stuck without being able to express it.

– When I was in Angkor Wat, I even found the hole on a wall which was appeared in the last scene of In the mood for love.

– Did you tell a secret to the stones?

– I didn’t have any secret at that time.

– Now you have more? 😀

– Even less 😀

– Sounds so pure.

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